All the most interesting about roses.

All the most interesting about roses.
The queen of flowers is one of the most ancient plants on our planet and it is considered a scientific fact. The first to mention the rose in his writings was the ancient Greek botanist and philosopher – Theofast. He was the first to describe this wild garden flower and he also described the breeding system. To date, breeders have grown a large number of beautiful roses, which are the result of long and painstaking work. On our website you will find many unusual types of roses with flower delivery in Moscow

Interesting facts:

1 Fossilized remains of a rose have been found that are about 40 million years old.

2 In order to obtain a new flower color, not only hybridization is used, but also a method such as staining. In the 11th century, dyes were added to the bark of the roots of this flower, which gave the rose petals an unusual color.

3 In ancient Rome, wives cooked pancakes for their husbands by adding rose petals to the dough. It was believed that such an addition would make the husband faithful.

4 Rose petals are considered a very valuable product, because it takes about4 tons of rose petals to make 1 kilogram of rose oil.

5 The largest rose bush reaches the size of a football field. Such a rose grows in America.

The rose bush comes in different shapes, depending on the variety. For example, it is customary to distinguish 4 types of shape: sprawling, creeping, drooping and narrow pyramidal. The height of this flower is about 35 centimeters, and in miniature varieties up to 6 centimeters. On our website you can order roses of any length and color. Experienced florists will make beautiful bouquets with delivery flowers also for legal entities and provide a good discount.

As for the habitat of roses, wild species are mainly found in North America, Europe and Asia. Although the rose lives in these countries for quite a long time, Ancient Rome became the discoverer. Gardeners only after 4 centuries brought this flower to the rest of Europe.

To grow a rose in your garden, it is better to purchase varieties of Dutch and domestic selection, as it is believed that these varieties have a more developed root system. The flower queen needs regular watering, at least once a week, as well as top dressing, which must be applied after one year has passed after planting. The rose loves light very much, so you do not need to cover it even in winter. As soon as the sun begins to play, dig the ground around the bush and set up a support.

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